Rice milkMaking your own rice milk is not very difficult. For this rice milk we prefer brown rice, it will give your milk more flavor then the white one.

For about 600 ml.


  • 60 grams brown rice
  • 650 ml cold water

How to…

Put the rice in a dry frying pan and wait till the rice smells nice and is becomming a little brown. Then you can cook the rice like you normally do.
After the boiling you drain the rice and put the rice in a blender with 650 ml cold water, blend it till you get a smooth liquid.
Press through a fine sieve so the remaining rice grains will not get into your milk. If you think the milk is too thick, you can at a little water to the liquid.
Keep the milk in the refrigerator in a closed bottle, it will be good for a few days. It’s normal that the milk will curdle, so stir the milk before you use it.